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I am very excited to be working with the students and staff at St. Paul Alternate Education. When I am not visiting schools, I will be looking for new and innovative ways to reach all students within St. Paul’s Regional Division. We are very proud to offer a variety of opportunities for every type of learner, and are most proud of our ability to support students using a ‘strength based’ approach to teaching and learning. We believe in providing support to students, parents and staff in a myriad of ways, and are very proud of the technology that we have available to support 21stCentury Learning.


Andrea Austin

Principal of S.P.A.E.C

St. Paul Alternate Education Centre

4313 48 Avenue

St. Paul, AB

T0A 3A3

Street Address: 4701 44 Street

Phone: 780-645-5015 * Fax: 780-645-5176

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